Wizard Of Oz

A Quest to Find Home

Our sophomore collection is inspired the beloved childhood tale of The Wizard of Oz. We’ve always felt connected to the central theme of the book, which is search for the comfort, safety, and familiarity of home. The story begins with Dorothy displaced by the tornado, taken from her home of Kansas and dropped into a fantastical world where she’s lost and in peril. We’ve always taken refuge in the comfort of our favorite garments, and believe that the pieces from our upcoming OZ collection will be special additions to your wardrobe that will give you sense of confidence and safety.

Whimsical Adventure

Dorothy develops strong friendships during her time in Oz, and embarks on a spirited adventure with her new compadres filled with unexpected twists and turns. The silhouettes and construction of our upcoming OZ collection are inspired by the excitement, danger, and intrigue that Dorothy and her friends encounter throughout the story, and the strength they ultimately find within themselves.

Dazzling Color

The Wizard of Oz is filled with strange landscapes, absurd events, and unforgettable characters. The book’s fantastical elements convey a sense of the wondrous and magical parts of live, and continue to develop children’s imaginations all over the world. We incorporated the surreal and mysterious elements of the story into our OZ collection, which is filled with unexpected and unique touches that will be one of a kind additions to your wardrobe.


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