Count Of Monte Cristo


Inspired by the vibrant story of Dante in The Count of Monte Cristo, our MONTE CRISTO collection embodies the adventure and spirit of this classic tale. From the billowing strips of the CURTAIN DRESS that reveal playful hints of skin, to the deep V front of the EMBROIDERED DRESS, we know these pieces will be tantalizing additions to your wardrobe. And we’ve made sure to design plenty of breathable, free flowing garments perfect for setting sail on your own seaside adventures.


The Count of Monte Cristo took place on the French Riviera, which is surrounded by the stunning Mediterranean Sea. Azure waters, colorful marinas, and infectious energy abound in this mesmerizing area. The bold colors, lux fabrics, and breezy silhouettes chosen for our MONTE CRISTO pieces were meant to capture the magic of the French Riviera.


The Count of Monte Cristo contains a hunt for treasure and wealth, so we incorporated a multitude of decadent details within the construction of our MONTE CRISTO pieces. From the hand sewn pearls of our SHIMMER ROBE to the one of a kind glass mosaic buttons of our ASYMMETRICAL DENIM SKIRT, we incorporated a plethora of luxurious details within each garment. Get lost in the shimmering embroidery, softest of silks, and handcrafted artistry of this special collection.


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